Endorsements for
Youth for Human Rights International

The following are excerpts from letters that give a glimpse of the worldwide response to YHRI’s materials and programs.

Youth across many nations are reached with educational programs teaching them their human rights.

“I wish to commend Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) organization for their vision and purpose. Teaching youth about their human rights and responsibilities according to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and inspiring them to become advocates for tolerance and peace are essential for communities in South Africa and beyond her borders. The YHRI materials are easy to understand, easy to use and an excellent tool for Human Rights education because the lessons are already prepared and easy to implement in both the formal and informal sectors.

“May God bless this important mission.”

—Reverend Desmond Tutu,
Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town

“As you are aware, various organs of the African Union actively advocate for the protection and promotion of human rights, with a special emphasis on the rights of youth. We commend your organization for this initiative…”

—Ambassador, African Union Permanent Representative and Observer to the UN

“I applaud the purpose of Youth for Human Rights, to teach youth around the globe about human rights, thus helping them to become valuable advocates for the promotion of tolerance and peace.

“It was a pleasure working together with you on the European Essay Writing Contest last August and September. I would strongly recommend Youth for Human Rights to educational and youth institutions and organizations.”

Friends of the United Nations

“These programmes were very well presented and the children gained a lot of knowledge from this.”

—Primary School Principal, South Africa

“I am deeply touched and moved by the extraordinary work you are engaged in for human rights, not only in the United States of America but globally. I shall always remember and cherish the significant meetings I had with you and others during my visit to Los Angeles. These events have encouraged me to valiantly pursue activities to impact the removal of injustice and discrimination wherever it raises its ugly head.”

—Former Member of Parliament
Guyana Ambassador for Peace

“On behalf of the children whose lives you have touched, thank you for your support and the work of Youth for Human Rights International to raise awareness and motivate action for children around the world.

“As you continue this global movement for children, you help ensure that children everywhere will have the opportunity to be an active part of the global community.”

—Official, US Fund for UNICEF

“Our NGO will have an assembly this summer. These materials will be distributed directly to the delegates of the NGO Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd and will be taken directly by them to their direct practice fields in 67 countries.”

—Member of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd

“The Eighth District applauds the work that Youth for Human Rights International has embarked upon in educating and equipping our youth in becoming advocates for human rights. Your organization’s creativity in sharing the human rights message with the distribution of What Are Human Rights? booklets in diverse languages, mural projects, youth summits, international tours and essay and art contests is undeniably commendable. The activities listed attest to the dedication of the many volunteers working with Youth for Human Rights International.”

—Member, Los Angeles City Council

“Through this programme, a rare opportunity was provided to youth leaders from many countries to familiarize themselves with the collaborative work of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and of the United Nations in fostering human rights and social and economic development worldwide. This was no small achievement, and I know that the impact will be positive and significant.”

—Member, Permanent Observer Mission of the Organization
of the Islamic Conference to the United Nations

Youth for Human Rights International executives with the King of Cape Coast and officials during the 2005 World Educational Tour.

“As Mayor of the City of Los Angeles and on behalf of US Residents, I commend Youth for Human Rights International for the successful ‘World Educational Tour 2004’ and the launch of the video production UNITED. Your organization’s commitment to Human Rights Education worldwide is praiseworthy. 

“Best wishes for continued success.”

—Mayor, City of Los Angeles

“You have certainly managed to break down the two difficult subjects of human rights and AIDS in the booklet What Are Human Rights? and the flyer entitled ‘Protect Yourself (and others) from a Sickness Called AIDS’ into child-friendly tracts.

“I was impressed by your passion for the project and your anxiety to spread your message as widely as possible.”

—Minister of State
Tertiary Education, Ghana

“The booklet published by your group, What Are Human Rights?, goes far in helping to educate children not only here in the United States but around the globe on the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948 and signed by over 100 countries. Studying this booklet will foster understanding of basic human rights among youth, teaching them values of respect with tolerance and thereby bringing the hope of peace closer to a reality.”

—Official, Office of International Religious Freedom
US State Department
Washington, DC

Youth for Human Rights International World Tours touch the lives of tens of thousands of youth.

“It is very delightful to know that your organization is focusing human rights at youth and given the objectives of my organization and our work with youth, we will be incorporating human rights into our program.”

Youth Peace Council Volunteer Corps

“Spreading the booket What Are Human Rights? in schools is a very good and important way of working. This little booklet is an effective tool for our important work.”

—Board Member
Amnesty International, Sweden 

“I wish to congratulate you for having produced the film UNITED, which has the merit not only of being addressed to young people, but also of having been made by youngsters who have understood the importance of fighting together against racism, discrimination and intolerance.”

Minister Counsellor
Permanent Mission of Guatemala to the United Nations