New York
August 24-26, 2017

Application Process Guidelines

Who may apply?

Youth between the ages of 18 – 29 years old may apply.

Important dates for Youth Delegate applications:

20 July 2017 – Complete applications (with all requirements) must be received by YHRI.

31 July 2017 – All successful applicants notified if they have been selected to be the Youth Delegate or Youth Ambassador or they may attend the summit as general participants.

Late or incomplete applications are automatically disqualified:

Please be sure that applications are complete and include all required documentation and photos. Please note that late or incomplete applications are automatically disqualified.

IMPORTANT: Please send all your application items together at the same time. Items sent separately might get lost leading to an incomplete and disqualified application.

Visa requirements to enter USA:

Please check if you need a visa to enter the USA. If you need a USA Visitor B1/B2 visa please contact us at summit@youthforhumanrights.org to request our IMPORTANT VISA GUIDELINES: USA Visitor B1/B2 visa. Visa applications are time sensitive so please apply quickly.

YHRI official summit invitation:

VISA application requires a YHRI OFFICIAL SUMMIT INVITATION. In order to issue this we need to receive a qualifying application from you. Once we have successfully processed your qualifying request, we will send you (and if appropriate, your local U.S. Embassy a copy of your YHRI OFFICIAL SUMMIT INVITATION to participate.

International flights:

NO airfares or travel costs to and from New York will be paid by YHRI.

Please contact your local travel agent and find out the rules and regulations for making an international flight reservation to New York John F. Kennedy airport (JFK). When you apply for your VISA with the U.S. Embassy you will need your flight reservation details.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, not all visa applications are successful. If you are applying for a visa to enter USA, please ensure your travel agent is willing to refund your flight ticket money if your visa application is not successful. In the event your visa is not approved, this will ensure that you get your money back.

Limited sponsorships for qualifying Youth Delegates (18–29 years old):

There are NO sponsorships available for airfares, visas or any mandatory travel insurance. Youth for Human Rights International and its generous sponsors provide sponsorships for 50 selected Youth Delegates representing their respective countries, to cover expenses during the days of the Summit (accommodations, local transport and food). All other youth and adults participate at their own expense and are responsible for their own meals, accommodations, and travel during the conference.

There are NO sponsorships available for participating adults. Adults pay for all their own costs including transport, accommodations and meals in USA. There is no additional cost for the conference, meetings and events. Youth Delegates must notify YHRI of guardians and ensure they are registered properly.

Language and accessibility

The Summit is conducted in English. Language translation services will not be available. Therefore, if you need language assistance (including sign language interpretation) in order to participate in the Summit, we recommend that you enlist a whispering interpreter to accompany you to the conference. If you have any further concerns about accessibility during the Summit, please contact us at summit@youthforhumanrights.org.

Round-trip airfares must be booked by all delegates:

August 23rd (Wednesday morning) - Arrive New York John F. Kennedy airport (JFK) and register for the Summit

August 27th (Sunday) – depart New York John F. Kennedy airport (JFK)

Youth Delegates must submit their round-trip flight schedules to YHRI by July 30th.

Youth Delegates must notify YHRI of guardians accompanying them by July 30th.

Youth Delegates must notify YHRI of any changes made to their round-trip flight schedules.

IMPORTANT: EXTENDED STAY IN NEW YORK (before August 24 or after August 27)

If sponsored Youth Delegates or Ambassador, choose to arrive earlier or stay longer in New York:

  • Notify YHRI at summit@youthforhumanrights.org of your exact date of arrival and departure.
  • U.S. Embassy must know your exact date of arrival and departure.
  • Extra days will be at your own expense (accommodations, food and local travel).
  • Your own hotel/hostel reservation number will be needed for visa application.
  • If your visa is not granted then you should cancel your hotel/hostel reservation to avoid unnecessary charges to your credit card.
  • Please understand that by extending your stay in New York, unless very well justified, your visa application might be more difficult for the authorities to approve.

Transport in New York – YHRI Representatives will escort the delegates:

All Youth Delegates and Ambassadors will be met and escorted to and from the New York John F. Kennedy airport (JFK) by YHRI Representatives. During the summit, Youth Delegates must remain part of the YHRI team at all times to ensure security. Never take security for granted.

Travel insurance:

International travel insurance must be obtained by the Youth Delegates and Ambassadors and is REQUIRED for their application process.

Minimum personal budget:

All YHRI International Human Rights Summit 2017 events are free of charge. Complimentary light refreshments will be provided during some of our YHRI meetings. However, you will need money in New York to cover local expenses:

  1. ACCOMMODATIONS: We do have a list of hotel/hostels who support the summit with a limited amount of EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNTED RATES on a first come first serve basis. Please request at summit@youthforhumanrights.org.
  2. LOCAL TRANSPORT & MEALS: Optional “LOCAL TRANSPORT & MEAL TICKET” $100 US dollars PACKAGE DEAL available for those interested in traveling and sharing simple basic meals with members of the summit team. Please note if you have special dietary needs as your dietary needs might not be met within the discounted rate (summit@youthforhumanrights.org).
  3. SPENDING MONEY: Souvenirs and postcards are a great way to share your experiences with your sponsors, colleagues, family and friends when you return home. Consider this when planning your budget.


Youth Delegates must be willing for the organizers to use photos taken throughout these events for media or promotional purposes regarding the summit.

Your country flag:

All Youth Delegates are required to bring your country flag. The measurements needed for the flag are 5 feet by 3 feet (60 inches by 36 inches). We will provide flagpoles in New York. Please note that the used country flags will NOT be returned to the Youth Delegates. The used flags will be disposed of if in poor repair or will be kept for future events.

Weather in New York:

There are several websites that give weather predictions e.g. Tripadvisor.com

August weather: Average High: 83°F (28°C) Average Low: 69°F (21°C)


  1. One professional suit or dress (no jeans or open sandals) – Thursday, Summit.
  2. One set of casuals – Friday, Workshop.
  3. One evening outfit (semi-formal).
  4. One professional suit or dress (no jeans or open sandals) – Saturday, Multi-Cultural Human Rights Celebration
  5. VERY IMPORTANT - Comfortable shoes at all times.
  6. Lightweight jacket for possible chilly evenings.
  7. Folding umbrella is recommended.
  8. OPTIONAL: Traditional clothing elements representing your country.
  9. Comfortable travel clothes, especially for very long flights.

Prepare for the Summit:

Many preparations are needed to successfully participate in the Summit. Reading, studying and learning are keys to success. Please study our three websites: www.youthforhumanrights.org, HumanRights.com and HumanRightsSummit.eu. Please read our periodic Summit Youth Delegate Newsletters because they have important information and help you prepare for the Summit.


Security is important at all times. All Youth Delegates must carry their money and travel documents on their persons at all times. An under-garment money belt for money and travel documents is highly recommended. Please keep your camera, computer and other valuable items secure at all times.


Youth for Human Rights International admits students of any race, color, national, religious or ethnic origin.