The Youth for Human Rights Education Package is offered as an aid to educators who teach youths up to age 16 in a classroom, lecture hall, group instruction, community learning or adult education setting.

It is expected that, before requesting the full Youth for Human Rights Education Package, you are oriented via our free Information Kit and DVD to the purpose of the materials and the scope or our educational programs.

And, it is presumed that you will provide reports that document results, such as faculty and student feedback, testimonials, and pre- and post-program awareness, attitude and/or behavior change.

If you do not conduct classes or group learning sessions, yet wish to raise awareness of human rights, we encourage you to request our free Youth for Human Rights Information Kit or order our self-instructional materials.

If you have already availed yourself of the information kit, click here to order your Youth for Human Rights materials.

TEACHERS WITH STUDENTS 17 AND ABOVE, TAKE NOTE: The Bringing Human Rights to Life Education Package is offered as an aid to educators who teach 17-year-olds and above in a classroom or group learning setting. Click here for information and to order.

If you need education packages for more than one teacher committed to delivering and documenting the program, please call +1-323-663-5799 to place such an order.


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