Youth for Human Rights in Denmark

5 March 2011

In a country known throughout the world for its commitment to human rights and religious tolerance, Denmark’s Youth for Human Rights chapter provides human rights education to Danish children to ensure the tradition continues.

Established in Copenhagen in 2006, Youth for Human Rights Denmark promotes human rights education throughout the country by means of art, music, dance and theater. YHR volunteers also reach out to their communities with award-winning videos, booklets, the music video entitled UNITEDand other Youth for Human Rights education materials.

YHR volunteers engage in a wide range of other educational activities as well. On United Nations International Peace Day 2010, volunteers collected signatures on petitions urging that all children be taught human rights and responsibilities in school.

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Danish chapter of Youth for Human Rights International partnered with the Network Against Racism, Artists for Peace and others in the “Human Rights Through Art Project”, a nationwide contest for young people. Established to increase awareness of human rights and tolerance by inspiring young artists, the final event of the contest was held at the Art Hall of Copenhagen, showing winning fine arts projects, musical performances and a dance creation.

In Copenhagen, Youth Day Celebrations entertained people of all ages in the city square with participation by individuals and groups expressing what human rights means to them.

YHR Denmark also sends youth delegates to the annual Human Rights Summit, held in Geneva the past two years. At the Summit, delegates from 30 nations came in support of making the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights widely known and used, returning to their home countries to further human rights education.

Following the 2010 summit, the Danish youth delegate, Anna Tobias of Copenhagen, called on her community to participate in the International Human Rights Walk on United Nations Human Rights Day December 10th. Over 100 human rights advocates came together to walk that day.

The Youth for Human Rights program recently gained significant support when Denmark's Ministry of Culture provided funding for hundreds of Youth for Human Rights Educator's Guides for schools. This makes it possible for teachers to include human rights education in their classrooms and mentors of youth groups to use the materials in after-school programs.

Through the work of dedicated Danish volunteers and supporters, Danes have learned about their human rights ensuring Denmark’s tradition of human rights and religious tolerance.

Youth for Human Rights International is a nonprofit, secular organization founded in 2001 to teach human rights to young people. YHRI bring awareness and knowledge of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights to youth through essay and art contests and by providing materials for students and teaching guides for schools.