Being a Gentleman is Inseparable from Human Rights

Chris King is on a mission to help Florida youth—in danger of becoming victims of human trafficking—gain the knowledge to protect their rights and the rights of others.

Human Rights Heroes Recognized at the United Nations

During the 15th Annual International Human Rights Summit, Youth for Human Rights International awards three stellar humanitarians for their work in changing the face of their nations.

Human Rights Summit Celebrates 70th Anniversary of UDHR

The 15th Annual International Human Rights Summit engages 94 youth from 57 nations at the United Nations in New York.

Milano Hosts Human Rights Awards

Youth for Human Rights Italy holds its annual Human Rights Hero Awards 2018.

Bringing Understanding and Peace Through Human Rights in Israel

The Youth for Human Rights Israel team seek to tackle the age-old conundrum of bringing harmony to the numerous ethnic and religious groups that make up their nation.

Human Rights Education Prepares Guyana’s Future Generation

The YHR Guyana chapter is tackling domestic violence at its roots, using human rights education and awareness to change the mindset of the country’s citizens.

YHRI World Educational Tour Visits Seven Nations

The 15th annual Youth for Human Rights World Educational Tour travels 35,058 miles through seven countries.

Four Regional Summits Cap YHRI World Tour

Youth from across four different regions of the planet gather for Human Rights Summits.

Transforming Guatemala: From a Land of Violence To a Nation Based on Human Rights

Cynthia Maria Guerra observed that her country of Guatemala was a nation of violence. She decided to team up with Youth for Human Rights and reverse the tide.

Human Rights Education Tour Traverses Taiwan

A two-week Human Rights Education Tour travels to six cities in Taiwan to launch the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with enlightenment delivered through music and art—and inspiring thousands.

Honoring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Over 170 events took place in 40 nations to launch the 70th anniversary year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Home to Portugal to Teach Human Rights

Mother and son human rights advocates and educators adopt YHRI campaign.

To Quell Bullying, Partnership is Forged With Mexico’s Special Education Leader

Youth for Human Rights Mexico partners with Department of Special Education, training 700 educators to deliver human rights lectures to more than one million students.

Bringing Human Rights Back to the Country That Created Solidarity

Rock for Human Rights and United for Human Rights, with the Polish-American Society of Memphis, join forces to hold the “Memphis in Poland” concert.

Interview With an Advocate for a More Stable Iraq

In the midst of turmoil, Issa Suffy brings sanity through teaching the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Thailand Conference on Human Rights

International conference brings together human rights advocates from six nations.

Youth for Human Rights Hosts Youth Summit

Selected for their accomplishments in the field of human rights, 66 young men and women participated in the 14th annual Human Rights Summit of Youth for Human Rights International, held in New York.

Nigerian Human Rights Activist Makes His Own Passion the Passion of Many

Through creative out-of-doors lessons and classroom sessions, Duke Ifeaka’s human rights movement in Nigeria is sweeping up everyone in his campaign for peace.

Saving Pakistan’s Best and Brightest From Extremism

How one man is reaching thousands of Pakistani youth with human rights education before extremist groups can recruit them—creating what he calls “soldiers of peace.”

Kerri Kasem Fights for the Rights of Family

Radio host Kerri Kasem, daughter of Casey Kasem, shares her personal story and struggle to get human rights guaranteed.