Youth for Human Rights Hosts Youth Summit

Selected for their accomplishments in the field of human rights, 66 young men and women participated in the 14th annual Human Rights Summit of Youth for Human Rights International, held in New York.

Nigerian Human Rights Activist Makes His Own Passion the Passion of Many

Through creative out-of-doors lessons and classroom sessions, Duke Ifeaka’s human rights movement in Nigeria is sweeping up everyone in his campaign for peace.

Saving Pakistan’s Best and Brightest From Extremism

How one man is reaching thousands of Pakistani youth with human rights education before extremist groups can recruit them—creating what he calls “soldiers of peace.”

Kerri Kasem Fights for the Rights of Family

Radio host Kerri Kasem, daughter of Casey Kasem, shares her personal story and struggle to get human rights guaranteed.

Human Rights Education Alive in Ireland

Human Rights Director engages Catholic school students with human rights education.

Human Rights Summit: Youth Fight Abuse with Education

Hosted at the United Nations on August 25-26th, the 13th annual International Human Rights Summit 2016 features young volunteers who are using education to end such human rights violations as human trafficking, police brutality, bullying, poverty, war and gang violence.

Young Human Rights Enthusiasts in Ukraine Educate Others in Their City

A determined Anna Ganzhul sets out to solve in Mykolaiv, what she believes is the source of all its problems, ignorance of human rights.

Youth for Human Rights Pilot a Great Success in Mongolian Schools

More than 4,000 Mongolian students learn their human rights in a pilot. The National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia plans to cap it all off with countrywide curriculum implementation.

Welcome to a Second Grade Class Human Rights Paradise

With the help of one effective program, Jordan has transformed the way her students interact.

Religious Leaders Empower Africa

Delegates from five African nations share human rights priorities and progress.

Creating Human Rights Champions in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea

How Augustine Brian, who was abused by police in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, transformed his attackers into human rights advocates.

Bringing Human Rights Into a Jungle of Crime

How thousands of Colombian jungle soldiers are learning the 30 articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from their peers in the habitat they know best.

Human Rights from the Top Down in Nigeria

Raymond Onwualo is taking on the ultimate human rights challenge: the Nigerian military.

Youth for Human Rights Spotlighted in Atlanta

Youth for Human Rights program plays an important role in Atlanta’s legacy of freedom.

Register for the 13th International Human Rights Summit at the United Nations Headquarters, New York

Youth for Human Rights International will be holding its 13th annual International Human Rights Summit on August 25-27, 2016 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. We are calling on young people to be Youth Delegates representing their countries, as well as inviting attendees from all walks of life who are passionate about the importance of human rights education.

Youth for Human Rights Latin America Summit Hosted in State Capitol of Nuevo León

Youth advocates, government officials and experts come together to promote human rights education as the way to create a world of tolerance and peace.

Bringing Human Rights to the Heart of Brazil

Teacher Raimundo Sousa starts at his home school, but intends to uplift the entire country with human rights.

Educators Call United For Human Rights “A Teacher’s Best Friend”

Charged with preparing students to be citizens of a diverse democracy, social studies teachers rely on United for Human Rights.

Human Rights Education Builds Respect in India

In Mumbai, students transform into proud advocates after learning their basic rights.

Youth Takeover at United Nations

The 12th annual International Human Rights Summit began with a flourish of flags and 43 young people representing 33 nations in a procession signaling the start of the three-day Summit at United Nations Headquarters in New York.