Youth for Human Rights World Tour 2008:
Creating a Human Rights Renaissance

20 October 2008

The year 2008 marks the fifth World Tour for Mary Shuttleworth, President of Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI). She traveled more than 37,000 miles to the Caribbean and then through Africa and Asia—returning to her starting point in Los Angeles this summer.

This year we connected with national governments like never before, including officials of Haiti, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Venezuela, Morocco, Pakistan and Taiwan, as well as executives of several national TV networks.

In Haiti, her first destination, Ms. Shuttleworth met with officials of several government agencies. Haitian attorney Mr. Aviol Fleurant, founder of the National Academy of Human Rights, attended these meetings and witnessed a very positive response by the officials, who announced their decision to implement programs to make human rights broadly known in Haiti.

The highlight of Ms. Shuttleworth’s visit to Morocco was the grand opening of the new YHRI chapter headquarters, located in a new luxury high-rise office tower in downtown Casablanca.

Ms. Shuttleworth’s meeting with the head of a Nigerian government agency was followed by a special presentation to senior officials of a number of other government agencies. Ms. Shuttleworth’s government hostess arranged TV interviews, which were broadcast on national television.

In Kenya, United Nations officials, national government officials and a military commander requested quantities of YHRI educational materials for immediate inclusion in their existing educational programs. The materials were requested for delivery to the general public as well as for special purposes, such as educating repatriated human trafficking victims about their human rights.

One highlight of Ms. Shuttleworth’s visit was her appearance on national television as a guest of the talk show “Good Morning Kenya.”

Foreign dignitaries made a special effort to travel to Egypt to meet Ms. Shuttleworth. One official flew in from Geneva, Switzerland, while another arrived from Darfur by helicopter.

Ms. Shuttleworth’s schedule for Taiwan included meetings with Vice President Victor Siew and other government officials, as well as presentations to students and educators.

As is her custom, at each World Tour destination, Ms. Shuttleworth met with children at diverse sites including schools, orphanages, hospitals and universities.

The purpose of this year’s World Tour was to inspire top-level officials, community leaders, educators, youth organizations and media worldwide to make human rights education a part of every child’s schooling and, by so doing, create a true human rights renaissance.