11th Annual International Human Rights Summit 2014

Youth for Human Rights International hosted the 11th annual International Human Rights Summit at the International Auditorium from September 5th to September 7th, 2014 in Brussels. Youth Delegates from 30 countries joined UN officials, human rights representatives, human rights NGOs, religious leaders and civil society at this Annual International Summit.

11th World Educational Tour 2014

Youth for Human Rights 11th World Educational Tour 2014, circled the globe 46,272 miles in weather ranging from below freezing 6°F (-4°C) to high humidity in 88°F (31°C). Countries included Dominica, Nigeria, Mexico, Mongolia, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, UK and the USA in honor of the United Nations International Day of Peace.

11th Annual Human Rights Youth Summit 2014 to be held in Brussels from September 5th - 7th

The 11th annual Youth for Human Rights International Human Rights Summit 2014 to be held in Brussels from September 5th to the 7th, will follow our proud tradition of bringing youth from around the world together to share, encourage and inspire global peace and tolerance.

JAPAN: Human Rights Education Expansion

The YHR-Japan team learned that some serious cases of bullying had emerged among youth in schools. They saw the urgent need for Human Rights Education as a means to help reduce bullying. They reached out to schools. The talented artist, Kotomi Tsubota, depicted the 30 human rights in anime, which is the Japanese abbreviation for the word animation.

PAKISTAN: Human Rights Education

In 2013 the Character Development Program programs became part of a school curriculum. Later, the provincial government granted permission to expand the programs to all schools within the three towns of Karachi.